Musical Consistency Across Time, Territory and Touchpoint

The challenge was to build a recognisable musical identity for Nestle’s biggest brand NESCAFÉ - one that would resonate across different territories and drive consistency in its communications, thereby helping to shape the NESCAFÉ brand world.


Through an extensive musicological analysis of 30 years of NESCAFÉ'S broadcast communications, we discovered that Latin music was a recurring theme that amplified the product’s provenance.

We uncovered one piece in particular called ‘Embarcadero’, which combines traditional Latin American rhythms with Western contemporary music styles. Through our research, we learned that consumers associated the piece with the comfort, energy and warmth of the beverage.


Melody is the component in music that is most strongly associated with memory. For that reason, our team of musicologists identified a five-note structure within ‘Embarcadero’, which had the potential to be developed into a sonic memory-trigger or mnemonic.

To test the flexibility of these five notes, we composed a series of treatments using a range of musical genres, from folk to electronic to classical, and then synched them to film. This enabled us to demonstrate to NESCAFÉ client stakeholders that the sonic identity is adaptable in style, whilst remainingEndFragment memorable and helping to drive brand recall. The ‘La Figura NESCAFÉ’ sonic logo was born.


CORD is now NESCAFÉ’s official music agency of record, building a global library of tracks for communications across time, territory and touchpoint.

To date, CORD has created over 100 music assets for 40 NESCAFÉ markets ranging from short tags using the ‘La Figura’ figure to 30 second compositions for TVC’s, retail soundscapes and even 3 minute pop songs.