The Sound of Summer

What Does Summer Sound Like?

As volume growth in the global ice cream market began shifting towards emerging markets, Unilever was looking for new and innovative ways to engage millennials and drive share of mind for their Fruttare brand during their key summer sales period.

Working with the Global Brand team, CORD's task was to define Fruttare's sonic branding strategy and then develop a music-first engagement platform, to capture the hearts and minds of a notoriously fickle audience.


Our research revealed that music is ubiquitous in Fruttare's consumers lives, therefore we developed a sonic strategy built around three core pillars, where music would play a role in the brand’s communications: identity, experience and currency.

We set out to develop a musical identity for the brand, engage consumers through live and digital experiences, and create content with the audio branding to get shared and become social currency.


Our creative team developed a brilliant piece of music which became a global anthem for the brand, called ‘Stay A While’. Featuring a truly unforgettable 9-note hook, it was used in the launch TV spot across Fruttare's key markets. The music perfectly captured the sound of summer and instantly reflected the brand’s DNA, driving optimism, authenticity and happiness. We also developed a sonic branding toolkit, in order to inspire and inform local markets and agencies on how the sonic identity should be used across different media, and adapted into a variety of styles.

One of the key benefits of writing a mnemonic for a brand as a result of the sonic branding process, is that it can be re-written into any genre of music. This improves brand recognition and yields a return on investment far greater than licensing non-exclusive, existing music assets.

To capitalise on the broadcast exposure during the global launch, we launched the music to customers via all digital platforms and streaming services. We also created original online video content, including the sonic identity of course, to fuel engagement and conversation.


Since its development, ‘Stay A While’ has been used in every piece of Fruttare brand communication the World over. From TVCs, to pop-up and live events, and in multiple pieces of digital content, ‘Stay A While’ has truly established itself as the sound of summer.

The results have far exceeded the original targets set, with over 3,701,600 million impressions of the Tiësto remix video, and a Facebook engagement rate of over 15%.

This is yet another great sonic branding success story. To find out more about how a sonic identity unique to your brand could elevate your awareness and help you exceed your goals, get in touch with us or see one of the related brand case studies below.