Top 10 Benefits of Audio Branding

To set you thinking about where your brand is going in 2020, we explore the Top 10 Benefits of Audio Branding, and how to leverage them!

#1 Be Heard, When You Can't Be Seen

There are instances when a piece of brand content may not allow use of your brand’s visual identity in marketing communications. If you have designed an audio identity that is intrinsically linked to your brand including its visual identity and its values, this over time will stand on its own two feet. Your audio branding will, in time, allow you to connect with your consumers through sound alone.

"When you hear the sonic signature of Shell, we’d love to think that even if you can’t see it, you can somehow visualise the Shell logo and feel the whole cachet of the brand with it.”

Dean Aragon, VP Brand and CEO, Shell Brands International AG


#2 Creating More Branded Moments

Sound is everywhere. Go beyond how you look and feel and begin to harness its power. Make sure you use every opportunity for music and sound to reinforce your brand and its personality. And don’t leave it to chance. Use it to connect and form long-lasting relationships with your consumers. Together with Spotify, Starbucks has built a differentiated third-place experience with music at the heart of its coffeehouse culture.”

"Music has played a pivotal role in our stores for over 40 years and we have been at the forefront of how to integrate it into a retail environment.”

Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO, Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Cup

#3 Driving Familiarity

The key to using music strategically is to use it often, consistently and in line with your audience’s tastes and habits. Use it to drive memorability and recognition in a crowded market-place by adopting our ‘recency, relevancy, frequency’ model.

“It’s always our ambition to continue this tradition by featuring great music in our advertising that people will remember and love decades from now.”

Joe Belliotti, Head of Global Music, Cola-Cola


#4 Standing Out From Your Competitors

It’s a noisy world out there, so use music to give your brand a distinctive edge. Treating the sound of your brand as carefully as you do its tone of voice and visual identity, is key. First, ask yourself 'Is the sound of my brand intentional?' and then ‘is it exclusive to my brand’? One role for marketing and communications is to make your audience sit up and take notice. If you create something unique that feels in keeping with your brand, you are more likely to find a clear and distinctive place within your market landscape.

"The campaign’s goal is to break through the car sales event clutter and remind people that summer is the best time to get a great deal”

Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Honda


#5 Developing New Brand-Owned Assets

Music has the potential to become a powerful asset for a brand. Why borrow or lease a piece of music when your brand can create something of its very own? The benefits of ownership include full exclusivity over the music, complete control over how and where the music is used and the added advantage of only having to pay once. One might say it’s a no brainer!

"Why bother licensing music when you can create a hit of your own?

Dave Muhlenfeld, Creative Director of Martin


#6 Attract A Younger Audience